As a techno child from the 90´s he is travelling through the electronic scene. He is inspiring his audience since years on events as DJ also on several radio stations.

Kai Pattenberg is making deep techno – as DJ and producer.
Since 2009 he has his own radio show “Elektrotherapie/Ultraschall” on different radio stations. At the moment you can hear him at THUNDER CLUB HOUSE.

Beside his hard work in music production, he is honored with a lots of gigs like in Tanzhaus West /FFM, Vinylbar /FFM, Sky Club /B, Metor /Lengfurt, E Kult or Undergroundlounge / both in Aschaffenburg.
Kai Pattenberg already worked with labels like Techno Emporium Records, B12 Records Germany, Minimalgestöber Records, Klangrecords and Minimalgestöber Südwest.

His first releases on Hardwandler Records comes out this year, with high class sound.
They´re on the same page…