Another strong year is coming to an end.
There were many releases this year!

And here are all those who have appeared since our last blog:
Monotekz – Condition EP – HWR076
Berri&Wald – Exploration of Sound – HWR077
LNO – Black Dream EP – HWR078
Kryptonit – Dead Walk EP – HWR079
Triebkraft – They will kill you EP – HWR080
Atze Ton – Modular – HWR081
Tonikattitude – Armageddon EP – HWR082
Various Artists – Hardwandler ADE Compilation 2016 – HWR083
Philipp Riemer – Talking Heads EP – HWR084
David Braun – Maschinengeist EP – HWR085
Kai Pattenberg – Ghost Modus EP – HWR086
Julian Grede – Schlachtung EP – HWR087
ROBUST Techno – Lunar Eclipse EP – HWR088

all release you find here!

We wish all of you a joyous celebration and a brilliant start for the new year.
We say goodbye for this year and look forward to the new projects 2017!